It is a safe and reliable file sharing tool. Use point to point communication mode to build distribution file system network. Save the file contents in the distribution network. Get the file via the file hash value address. Keep the full protection of your privacy in the whole process of sharing files.

It’s no need to register, enter any identity information, and bind device number, phone number, email or other informationfrom users. Avoid leaking of the account and password authentication information. Just giving your friend a share address code, you can share file with friend in the private way.

The share contents store securely. Files backup in multiple nodes, store divided to ensure that the contents of the file is not modified through the hash algorithm. Free sharing at anytime and anywhere, the use of space is proportional to the joined nodes, no ceiling of storage space.

ShadowDisk gives you a brand new experience of private file sharing.

Basic Features

ShadowDisk is easily and friendly to
use by the follow standard features:

File uploadFile sharing

File downloadFile delete

Special Features

ShadowDisk differs from normal network disk software by some enhanced features:

  • Share through the file hash address code, to ensure that the contents of the file are not modified.
  • Content addressing, do not use IP addressing.
  • No personal information required.
  • Anonymous instant sharing.

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